Over recent years, there has been a massive growth in the number and types of policies needed surrounding the topic ‘leave’, many of which have been driven by changes to law.

After research found three out of every ten workers in the UK are subject to abuse at home, Vodafone have taken a step to support their workers.  The company will be introducing a new ‘safe leave’ policy, providing victims of emotional and domestic abuse with two additional weeks of paid leave – the idea being that the employees can use this time to make new living arrangements, seek emotional and legal support and help their children adjust to any changes.

The telecoms giant said “They can seek professional advice, move to a new house, attend legal proceedings or counselling – all without using official leave so these steps can be taken covertly from their abuser if necessary.”

Although this new ‘safe leave’ policy isn’t law, it does highlight the ongoing developments in the area of ‘leave’.

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