Help with a disciplinary reduces the risk and lowers the stress

The Client

Our client is an owner-managed construction business, with over 100 employees working on commercial, healthcare and education projects throughout the North West.

The Problem

Our client had received a serious complaint from a customer towards an employee.  The allegation was that the employee’s actions had contributed towards an accident on their site.

Our client’s initial concerns related to the potential risk of reputational damage, loss of significant work and keeping the client happy.  They also wanted to deal with the allegation promptly.

The Solution

Although there was a need to deal with the immediate problem promptly, there was also a recognition that rushing into an incorrect solution, dismissing the employee immediately, may lead to future issues through an Employment Tribunal claim.

Our client’s first response was to contact JS HR Support.  We advised the management team on how to correctly handle the internal disciplinary process.   Following our advice, the decision was made to suspend the employee pending a full investigation into the allegation.   JS HR Support carried out the investigation and compiled all of the necessary evidence.   The evidence was reviewed by the client and subsequently presented to the employee for their review before attending a formal disciplinary hearing.

The Outcome

JS HR Support’s involvement ensured a fair, impartial and robust investigation was carried out.  With our help and expertise and on review of the evidence gathered, the client was able to take the necessary steps to handle disciplinary process internally, safe in the knowledge that they had followed the correct legal process.

When presented with the mass of evidence gathered against them and, rather than attend a disciplinary hearing, the employee chose to resign.  The client’s customer was pleased that the situation was dealt with promptly, professionally and efficiently.

Our client subscribes to our Elite HR support package which ensures they have telephone and email support from a dedicated named adviser and access to an array of HR documents (including policies, letters and how to guides) an on-site visit to provide HR and employment law updates and the production of tailor-made documents as and when needed.  This package gives the client peace of mind that they are complying with all of their HR and Employment Law responsibilities.

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